Bitninja Consulting

Bitninja Consulting is dedicated to bringing your business into the modern age through social media management and e-commerce solutions.

Our primary focus is

  • Grow An Organic Online Presence 
  • Educate +
  • Develop Market Strategies
  • Customer Service and Sales
  • Increase Revenue
So what does this mean to you?

Growing an organic online presence plays an important role in expanding your business online. We do this by utilizing tools such as Facebook and Instgram. We will teach you how to build an online community full of people interested in your product!

Education is at the core for what we do. We consider it a top priority to teach you the skills necessary to succeed in the online world. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your business grow with the skills we taught you.

Each business is unique. This is where the 20,000 foot rule comes into play. Using our fresh set of eyes we can see where you shine and what niche you fill. This aids in developing an impactful marketing solution. Our marketing strategies are designed to give you the most for your time.

Customer service and sales skills can be taught. Most people don't know the basics yet alone an indepth look at what it means to deliver a "wow" experience. We focus on teaching you customer service skills that will set you apart from your competitors.

Our #1 goal is for YOUR business to grow. Going from brick and mortar with the potential of 20 customers a day to online with the potential of 1000s of customers per day can be overwhelming. Bitninja Consulting is here for you. Bitninja can unleash your full potential!